Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge

Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge is all about social media!  I'm kinda crazy about Facebook.  I check it several times a day....and it's even worse now that smart phones let me check it wherever I am! I do keep Facebook strictly for my "real life" friends.  :-)  Since blogging, I've started using Twitter to keep up with all my blog friends!!  You can find me there at @KC_Lauren.  I've also gotten a little crazy about Pinterest....especially since trying to plan a wedding!!!!

The webpages that I follow on a regular basis are really just the blogs I follow!  (And Pinterest!)  I have especially been reading cooking blogs now that I have to practice being a wife who cooks!!  In my single life, I never cooked dinner for just me....seemed like a big waste of time and money.  But now that I have Michael hanging around, I've gotta figure out how to be a wife!!

Thanks again to all you new folks checking out my blog!  I love the comments I'm getting!!  :-)


  1. Hello there! Here from Jenna's journey. Just wanted to say hello. I will be sticking around, to see you plan your wedding. I love all things romance:-) It has been almost ten years since mine so it will be fun to read about yours. I have three precious miracles, and am on a faith building journey with one of htem who has lots of medical problems

  2. I'm also here from Jenna's Journey!!! Looking forward to reading more...and much more about your upcoming wedding!