Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Before and After

I have always wanted long, beautiful hair.  I've tried several times over the years to grow my hair out.  And then I'm reminded of the definition of insanity:  doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The bottom line is this:  my hair looks like crap when it's long.  The only reason I have had long (to me) hair the last few months is so we had something to work with for the wedding.  I could not wait to get it cut off!  
Here's the before picture...

PS....this is fresh out of bed hair.  So it's especially unattractive.

 And.....drum roll please.......


I went a little conservative and didn't cut as much off as I initially wanted.  Here's the future "After" picture.  My next hair cut....
Now if only that's what I would actually look like after the hair cut....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apples and Other Random Things

A couple of weeks ago, Michael and I went up to Weston, Missouri for their annual Apple Fest with two of our best friends, Andrew and Shawna.  (They were both in our wedding.)  We also got to bring along their adorable little boy, Ramsey.  I have never seen a more chill baby than Ramsey.  He is so stinking awesome!

We drove up to Weston with Andrew and Shawna so we met them at their house.  Michael (of course) had his Alabama hat on, and Ramsey could not take his eyes off of him.  We let Ramsey try on the hat for himself.  He was a little confused.  :-)

We made it to Weston (a little over an hour north of Kansas City) and it was C.O.L.D.!!!  I volunteered to hold Ramsey for a while.  (Self sacrificial, I know.)  He did a good job of keeping me warm!  
How cute is he?!

We ate breakfast at the Weston Cafe and then were off to look at the shops and find some apple cider.

We had a blast at Apple Fest....even in the cold!!  
So blessed to count Andrew and Shawna as our friends!! 

Since then, things have slowly begun to get back to normal as far as regular life is concerned.  
I was working on my computer a couple of days ago with the TV on and looked up to see this...

And then this...
Love her!

On another random note, I have a new favorite coffee mug!  I use it every single morning during my quiet time.  Every time I take a little sip of my coffee, I get a beautiful Bible verse that reminds me how faithful my God is.  Thanks, Shawna, for the wonderful gift!!  Love you, girl!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


That's me!!  I'm officially a Mrs.!  I never thought that would actually happen, but lo and behold.....I'm married!!  Just a quick side note -- when I was single I genuinely thought/felt that if I just had a husband, things really would all be better, feel better in my life.  The majority of my problems/unmet desires would go away.  Hear me say this, single friends:  THAT IS A LIE FROM SATAN!!!  I'm way new into this marriage thing, but even in our engagement that statement was a lie.  Maybe I'll blog about that topic at a later date, but I don't want my single friends to think that everything became all peaches and cream the moment we said "I do."

Back to this blog post.....

Planning and prepping for our wedding was a serious full-time job.  I am SOO beyond glad that part is over.  But I'm a little sad that the wedding itself is over.  I looked at Michael the day after and said, "Our wedding is over.  We're never going to get to do that again!"  Bittersweet.

I'm anxiously waiting for our wedding pics and video to be edited, so I have virtually nothing to share with you from the actual day.  All I have are a few pics from some cell phones:

On our way to the church!
Pictures before the ceremony
Cutting our cake!!

We had a photo booth at the wedding (SO MUCH FUN!!!).  These are always funny pictures.

My bridesmaids:

My Girls Night girls:

When I get my official pictures, I'll be sure to share them!  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

What I do have, though, are pictures from our honeymoon!  We spent our wedding night in Kansas City at the Westin Crown Center.  BEAUTIFUL!!  Michael took pictures of our suite.
Panoramic view of the suite

Sunday we went to return Michael's tux and went to my parents' house to open presents.  And then Monday morning we headed to the airport!  We stayed at the El Dorado Royale Casitas just south of Cancun.  It was, quite literally, paradise.

We had a swim-up suite like this.  Our room connected to the lazy river!
We had "love birds" waiting for us when we arrived.
The view from our room

The outdoor shower...


They do it up right here!  Even the ashtrays are pretty here!
Beach time!


My husband enjoying the view

The entry to our suite
Our bedroom...we had a turn-down service every night
Getting ready for dinner....

At dinner....

 With our honeymoon package we had a candlelight dinner on the beach.....

Then we came back to our room with this wonderful turn-down surprise!

Getting ready for the beach....

These nasty things were all over the place!  Thankfully, they didn't ever jump in the water.  I might have lost it if they did!

These guys were everywhere, too.  Michael's goal was to pick up a lizard on our trip....not sure how that worked out for him...

All in all.....a pretty darn amazing honeymoon.  :-)