Friday, June 15, 2012


A glimpse into some of the things that have kept my life busy the last few weeks!!

Michael and I went to a two-year-old's birthday!  A good friend of mine (who I taught with this past school year) threw her sweet little girl a birthday at Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Lots of fun!

Every June my mom and I bake homemade cinnamon rolls in honor and memory of some people we loved very dearly who lost their battle with cancer.  
My mom's sister Sherlee - She died of a rare brain cancer.
My mom's nephew Craig (Sherlee's son) - He died of a rare abdominal cancer.
My mom's sister Janet - She died of colon cancer.

When my Aunt Sherlee was alive, she made cinnamon rolls for the Bates County Relay for Life every year in honor of her son.  (My Aunt Sherlee's cinnamon rolls are quite famous, and are THE best cinnamon rolls you will ever eat in your life!)  When she died, my mom took up the cause, and it has become a tradition that means a whole lot to my mom and I both.  But it is definitely an all-day process!!  My  mother's kitchen turns into a cinnamon-roll making machine!

Waiting for the dough to rise.  It rises a total of three times before we bake them!

Almost ready to put in the oven!

Time to eat!!!  Actually, it's time to sell these puppies!

I've also (obviously) been spending a lot of time working on stuff for the wedding.  I refuse to spend tons of money on little things that don't really mean a whole lot in the end.  For example, the flower girl baskets.  These suckers cost $40 most places!  Whatever.  So, I tried to be a little crafty (which, for those of you who know me, is a scary thing!).  But I think they turned out pretty okay!  (Although my dad and sis think it looks like I put a coffee filter in the basket.)  I think they look prettier in person.  But the important part is that they only cost me $13 to make! 

Another item on my to-do list has been to get a frame collage together for the wall going up my staircase.  I've had the framed "L" for a long time, and when I went to get the "M" (for Michael), Hobby Lobby had put them on clearance and there weren't any M's anywhere!!  I finally located one a solid 45 minute drive away from me (maybe even an hour away), and you'd better believe that I headed out to Kansas for my purchase!  Actually, Michael was my chauffer for the day, which was wonderful! Here's my almost-completed collage.  I ended up moving the picture on the top right over to the top left (thanks to some good FB friends who helped!).

A little planning is a good idea when we're talking about me
wielding a hammer and nail!

Ahh....summer.  This just makes me happy!  A bunch of friends in the backyard with homemade ice cream.  YES PLEASE!!!
This is actually at my parents' house.

And, like I said, the wedding planning has been crazy.  We finally got our Save the Dates designed, ordered and mailed!  WAHOO!!!!  I ended up with several extra and thought I should put them to good use.  I wouldn't want Michael forgetting that very important date!!!  :-)

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  1. Love all the save-the-dates on the fridge and the wall gallery! Praying for you as you continue planning for the wedding.