Monday, December 31, 2012

Special Surprise Weekend (And Other Firsts)

This has been on my calendar for months....

Michael loves getting and giving surprises, and this past weekend was our first (of what Michael promises to be many) surprise weekends!  Friday morning we packed our suitcases into the car and headed off to Surprise #1 --- an hour long massage!!!!  YES!!!!

After an hour in heaven we hit the road again and landed at Surprise #2....historic Weston, Missouri (about an hour-ish north of Kansas City).

The main "drag" in Weston
We stayed at the lovely St. George Hotel.

Off to dinner!
Dinner by lamp-light.  These were the only lights in the joint!
 After dinner, Michael drove us to Surprise #3 (which happened to be in the middle of nowhere Missouri, in the pitch dark).  I was getting a little nervous about our location when we happened upon this beauty!

Jowler Creek Winery!
Michael arranged for a two hour wine-tasting and food pairing "class".  We enjoy our wine a bit too much.  :-)

On Saturday we slept in and then had a delicious breakfast!!  Michael had Eggs Benedict and I have a Dutch Apple Baby.

Then we were off to explore the shops in Weston....

and stop for hot chocolate because it's SOO cold outside!

I am so thankful for my amazing hubby!!! 

After Weston we headed back to my parents' house for our last Christmas celebration with my extended family.  We had such a great first Christmas together, although I really stunk at taking pictures.  Here are a couple that I actually managed to get to document our first Christmas!!

We spent Christmas Eve with Michael's family.  His grandmother does a BIG family party with lots of yummy  food!  We tried to get a good picture, but things just weren't working out for us with the picture-taking.  Here's what we ended up with.

Christmas morning!!!
Growing up, my family has always spent a lot of time on our stockings.  Santa always wrapped every little thing in our stocking so it took longer for us to get through.  So, if you got a chapstick in your stocking, it was wrapped.  Socks...wrapped.  An eyeshadow...wrapped.  Michael wasn't so sure of this tradition, but after experiencing first hand....he's a convert!  :-)  This was one of the things Santa wrapped in Michael's stocking.  Alabama coasters!!

Lookin' mighty festive! 
All in all, I'd say it was the best Christmas I've had yet!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I love Pinterest!

I am not a crafty person by nature.  I am a music teacher and not an art teacher for a reason.  BUT, that's why I love Pinterest so much!  This non-crafty, non-creative person can make cute stuff thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest.  Now, for you crafty folks out there, you probably aren't going to be terribly impressed with what I'm sharing today.  But try to humor me.  This is impressive for me!!  

So, thanks to Pinterest, these things are now beautifying my house.

Our new headboard/wall art!  It's not anywhere close 
to perfect, but I love it!

Michael and I have a teeny, weeny house and nothing drives me crazier about this place than our lack of storage...especially in the spice rack.  UGH!  
So now I'm using part of our fridge to store some spices!  

Instead of a wreath on our door (because the space between the door and the storm door is super skinny and a wreath doesn't fit), I have this!  
Disclaimer:  the picture is super dark and it looks way cuter in person.  

Plus, my wedding color scheme came from Pinterest!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 
how the different shades of blue turned out!!