About Me

Who I Am:  I am married to a wonderful man.  But I was also a girl who struggled with singleness for a long, long time and now find myself in the middle of a struggle with infertility.  I love the Lord, and I cannot wait to see the how He continues to write our story.

What I Do: I am all about education!  I have my  undergraduate degree in Music Education K-12.  I have a Master of Arts degree in teaching, and I have my Education Specialist degree in Elementary Administration.  I spent 5 years teaching elementary music at my old elementary school before moving to second grade in that building.  I taught second grade for two years before spending a random year teaching music and then two years teaching third grade.  I'm now an assistant principal at an elementary school and loving it!

I also love to educate about essential oils!  If you don't know about the wonderful gift of essential oils, message me because I would love nothing more than to share them with you!

What I Love: My husband - His name is Michael and I am blessed to be his wife!  
My dog - We have a Great Dane named Bear.  He's kind of awesome.
My Savior - Without Jesus, I am nothing and I have nothing.
My family - My family is so important to me.  My mom is my best friend, and I can't imagine doing life without them!
Traveling - I've traveled all over the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) as well as to Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland France, and China.  

Want to email me?  I'd love to hear from you!
You can email me at LaurenMalone007(at)gmail(dot)com.

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