Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!!  At least in the church I grew up in, it's not Easter unless you exclaim those words! 

Wow!  It's been a weekend full of family, busyness and Jesus.  (At least I love two of the three of those things!)  And I have to take a moment and show off my latest cupcake creations for our Easter lunch today.  I so wish I had more time (and excuses) to make fun cupcakes!! 

Forget the bunny trail!!!  Peter Cottontail is hoppin' back down into that bunny hole!

I just wish I was as photogenic as those cupcakes!!!

On to bigger and better things.....

I don't even know where to begin with what the Lord has been teaching me.  I need more time to process it all!   As I begin to type this, I feel the need to offer a disclaimer --- the following will most likely be rambling that is only sensible to my Jesus and me.  :-)   

I am discovering so many things about myself as I read Beth Moore's "So Long, Insecurity."  The Lord is making known to me these insecurities that I have buried so deep within myself that they have become part of the fabric of who I am. (If you're reading the 128.....I'm embarassed to say it, but I have SOO been that woman!)  As I read, I hate that I am able to identify with so many stories of insecurity.  How can I truly live the victorious, spirit-filled life when I am this insecure??  The answer is - I can't.  Lord, rid me of these insecurities!  I feel like I have spent more time asking Him to rid me of things lately than I have asked Him to add things to my life.  In another study I'm finishing up, we spent this last lesson reading about the ugly root of bitterness.  Now, I am not a bitter person.   In fact, I tend to give grace to the point of being stupid.  And there are many a story to vouch for that .  Oh, but I have a root of bitterness right now, and I cannot get rid of it!  And while this bitterness is manifesting itself, my heart still aches for the same relationship my bitterness is toward.  How can I feel bitter towards and still long for the same relationship?!  Is that even possible??  Apparently so. 

So my journey in this season of singledom continues.  I am praying the Lord would make His lessons clear (JUST SHOW ME THE BLUEPRINTS!!!) and He would give me a heart like His. 


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