Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ireland Day 4

Day 4 in Ireland we drove around the Ring of Kerry which is basically just a great drive for an amazing view!  We drove around the blue line.

Here were some of our views...

At one point we had to take a ferry...

Along the way we found a guy who let us hold his lambs (for a little money, of course).  But we LOVED it!  Please notice there's a dog in a bucket.  Yes, you read that right.  He had a dog.  In a bucket.

Here's more of our views.....I think these are from the lamb site.

And, yes, Ireland is filled with hillsides of sheep.

One city we stopped at was called Waterville.  It had a BEAUTIFUL beach!!

After the Ring of Kerry we stopped at Fort Staigue which is a Christian ruins that apparently is from 1000BC.  This was built with absolutely NO mortar!  WOW!!

THEN...and we were so excited to see this....there were sheep in the road!!  We're in Ireland...there are supposed to be sheep in the road!! 

Then we headed off to find our bed and breakfast!!

And then we were off to dinner at Kenmare!

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