Monday, July 26, 2010

Good for the Soul

Not surprising, this past weekend was NUTS!  Saturday began with a super rehearsal with my friend Lori for our performance on Sunday morning at my parents' church.  Anytime Lori and I get together it's never a short visit.  We both love to talk TOO much!!  After spending a few hours with Lori singing (and of course talking), I headed over to my parents' house and FINALLY finished the photo book from our family vacation this summer.  WOO HOO!!  It was already late so I decided to hang around for their neighborhood pot luck (aka free dinner) in my parents' back yard.  Unfortunately, the weather here has been CRAZY.  The heavens opened and it rained super hard up until party time.  Obviously we couldn't have the party in the back yard, so we moved it to the "north patio."

As is tradition, my mom was making homemade ice cream.  (YUM!)  That is, she was making homemade ice cream cream until the motor on the ice cream maker broke.  Watching my mom and dad try to fix it was a little entertaining...

In the end, my dad had to run to Westlake to buy a new ice cream maker and so we were blessed with DELICIOUS homemade ice cream!!  YAY!  We had a super fun night with my parents' neighbors and their adorable kiddos!!

Sunday morning came REALLY early.  Lori and I had to be at church by 7:45.  Ick.  But we were SO blessed with a morning of worshiping our LORD through the gifts He's blessed us with!  Lori is an AMAZING musician.  We performed JJ Heller's "Your Hands" (arranged - at site - by the wonderful Lori Reed) and the oldie but goodie "Beautiful, Scandalous Night" (also beautiful arranged - at sight - by Lori!!).  She never played them the same way twice and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!

Another huge blessing of the morning was seeing one of my old kiddos!!  I had Arwen as a student in Kindergarten and First Grade before she had to go to another school because of redistricting.  I get to see her every once in a while when I visit my parents' church, but this morning she was playing the piano for communion!  She did a beautiful job!!  I was SOO proud of her!!  If you can't tell, I absolutely adore her!

Then it was home to my parents' house for a quick lunch and off to Courtney's house to skype with Caroline about our last couple of weeks in our Bible Study.  Unfortunately the skype mess decided to be difficult and we were forced to deal with the speaker phone.  But talk about being blessed AGAIN!!  Holy moly.

After our Bible study convo, I just had to visit with Courtney's adorable little girl Georgia.  Thankfully she had woken from her nap and was excited to see me, too.  Isn't she ADORABLE?!  We love eachother. 

I had to love on Georgia quickly, though, because I had to get back to my parents' house.  My mom and I were heading downtown to see the Kansas City Explorers play in the World Team Tennis championship game.

World Team Tennis was founded by tennis legend Billy Jean King and she was in Kansas City for the championship game.  And guess what!!  WE WON!!!

Ahhh.....this weekend was just good for the soul. 


  1. I showed G the pictures and she just laughed and laughed! She's also sitting next to me while I type--working on her email she says : )