Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chiropractors, Cinemas and Concerts feels good to be blogging about something other than vacation pictures!! This past week has been really busy and overwhelming. While I was anticipating a fairly calm week, it ended up being anything but! I had my first real taste of second grade curriculum this past week at our district curriculum camp. We spent the entire week writing assessments that involve higher levels of thinking for our students in math. My brain was tired after Monday! I'm thankful to have had Valerie, one of my new teammates, to guide me through the curriculum. It's not hard....just new.

Besides curriculum camp, the week was completely bombarded with random stuff -- the most frustrating of which was a back that decided to not work. Wednesday night I woke up at about 1am with the most unbearable back pain! No matter what I did or which way I turned, I had this stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade. And, wouldn't you know, both my chiropractor AND my massage therapist are out of the office on Thursday mornings. Grrr. Don't they know I'm in pain?! So, after suffering through a morning of curriculum camp with a back that prevented me from doing any kind of movement, I made an appointment with a massage therapist I didn't know and a chiropractor I didn't know (but was highly recommended). Thank goodness for the two of them!! I'm still not back to normal, but it is SOOOO much better! I'm anxious to get back to the chiropractor again tomorrow for another quick tune up. :-)

After an exhausting week, I thought that I would surely be able to have a calm weekend! Wrong again. But this time at least I was having FUN and wasn't in pain!! Friday night I headed to see Eclipse (LOVE Twilight...I know it's pathetic and ridiculous, but I love it anyway!) with a friend of mine and pigged out on popcorn and Reese's Pieces. YUM!!! Saturday morning wasn't super fun as I was cleaning my parents' house, but then I had to privilege of taking one of my students (who will be in 5th grade next year) to see Despicable Me! Oh, we had such a wonderful time! Here's a pic of myself and Kaytlyn after the movie.
She's such a wonderful girl that I was privileged to have had in my classroom!!

Then Saturday night my mom wanted to head downtown to hear the Bryan brothers (check the previous post) perform with their band. Although a little skeptical, I agreed and we made a beeline for downtown with a short detour to PF Chang's for some delicious lettuce wraps and Chang's spicy chicken! Once we got to the Live district we noticed the Bryan brothers visiting with some people and wasted no time in asking them for a picture! Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and we had to use my phone...which is a little blurry.

Look how pretty my mom is!!

Bummer for us...we misread the information about the concert. We thought it started at 7:30 when it actually started at 6:00. So we got there just as things were ending. Seriously, though. Who starts a concert at 6:00 on a Saturday evening?!?

Today totally made up for the crazy week/weekend. Pastor Phil preached an AWESOME message this morning. I am SO excited to hear the rest of the series!! You can hear it to if you go to It's not up yet, but give it a couple of days. Amazing. I'm also super excited to be able to start sharing some of the AMAZING AMAZING things the Lord has been teaching me in the last few weeks. He is so GOOD!! I love that I serve such a WONDERFUL God!!


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