Monday, June 7, 2010

A Busy Weekend

You would think that since school got out last Tuesday (the kids had a half day) that my life would be the epitome of relaxing.  You would think.  Things have only gotten CRAZIER! since school has been out.  Here's the somewhat-reader's digest version of it all.

Like I said, school finished Tuesday but teachers had a work day on Wednesday.  I was perfectly fine with that work day because I was still trying to pack up the music room (I'm trying to not call it "my" room) and move things down to room 103 (I can't call it "my" room yet).  I spent ALLLLL day Wednesday working on the move and had to get to grad class by 5:00.  So, Thursday I went back up to school to organize the absolute MESS that was in 103.  I spent literally the entire day at school.  My first day of summer vacation, and I'm cleaning up the new classroom.  But it had to get done and thankfully I finished by about 3:30.  I'm so mad at myself because I have a great picture of my classroom....I mean....the music room in all it's glory, and I can't find it!!  But here's what it looks like when it's sad that I'm leaving it. 

Here's the last time my name will be listed as the music teacher.(Can you tell I was getting a little emotional??)

So, I left Thursday to meet up with my grad school girls to get working on the MOUNTAINS of papers and projects I have to get done before we leave on Thursday.  Karen and I hit the tennis courts for some much needed bashing of balls against rackets.  :-)

Friday I spent most of the day working on grad school.  AND THEN I went to get my hair done by the fabulous Jennifer Nold.  My mom and I had tickets to Jazzoo which is a black tie benefit for the Kansas City zoo.  We'd never been before and were very excited!! (At least I was excited!)  And I might possibly be the only one in the world who demands pictures of her hair, but when it's cute I need documentation!!'s the hair!!  Cute, right?!

And then it was a quick photo shoot before we headed off to the zoo!

White wine and ice cream.  I'm in heaven!!!!

We had a fun fun time except that we were pretty disappointed in the quality of music.  I know I've never gone before, but would you assume the Jazzoo to have jazz music?!?  There wasn't a drop of jazz....or anything of any quality.  I think that qualifies as false advertising!  BOO!  But we sure looked cute!! :-)

This weekend my mom also ran the Alex's Lemonade Stand at the Raytown Hy-Vee.  If you haven't heard about this fundraiser, you have got to check out the link!!  
This little girl is AMAZING!
Meredith and I spent part of the afternoon on Saturday volunteering at the stand as well.  Meredith is great at asking (more like demanding) people for money, and I am really good at pouring lemonade.  :-)  We all have our own gifts, right?!   So here's a little lemonade pose.  I'm not sure what happened to this darn picture, but it's cute all the same.

WHEW!!!  It's been busy!!  In between all of those things I've been writing multiple 10+ papers, reports, court case briefs, reflections, blah, blah, blah.  I need to get all of my grad school junk finished before I leave for vacation because it's all due while I'm gone!  Only a few more busy busy days until I leave for my VERY FIRST overseas travel experience!  Please be praying for the whole traveling aspect.  I'm getting a little anxious about flying for so many hours! 

I'm off to start my Code of Ethics paper for my School Law class.  I really want to just turn in my Bible and say, "This is my code of ethics."  And be done.  But I'm not sure my professor would be crazy about that one.  :-)

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  1. #1 I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!

    #2 i know you are sooooo glad it is summer time!!!

    #3 that is so terrible that they did not have JAZZ music at the event! what??? that is crazy!

    #4 you are so pretty girl and i just love your dress!