Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dallas Here I Come!!!

So, I know I'm in the middle (or actually still at the beginning) of telling about my trip to London and Ireland. But I keep forgetting to get the cord for the video camera to share the video from day 1!! Grr!! Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to remember the cord!!!

BUT I have something SO SO SO exciting to share! Now, if you follow Caroline's blog, don't judge me that my blog isn't nearly as cute as hers!!

But here's the wonderful friend Courtney shared with me a couple of months ago a blog by this crazy Texas girl named Caroline.

After checking out her blog, I was like, WOAH. We are living the same flippin life!!!! Seriously. The same life. SOOO, Caroline and I started chatting via email and I asked her if she would want to do Beth Moore's summer Bible Study with me. And she said yes! YAY!

So, we planned to do our fun little study via phone, email, whatever. Then I had this great idea! Thanks to not-so-great men from Dallas, I have a free plane ticket sitting around waiting for me to use it. Since Caroline is a teacher, too, I knew she had the summer off. How fun would it be if we could do our first week of Bible Study together instead of from a distance?! So guess where I'm going tomorrow!! You guessed it!!

To see my friend Caroline in Dallas!!

YAY!! I'm am fairly confident that there will be LOTS of fun pictures to share after the weekend!


  1. Have a great time! I love reading Caroline's blog. And I love that I have found your blog. It is so refreshing to find blogs of other single, young women who are struggling with some of the same issues. I too am still waiting on "the one" and am striving for contentment in my life. Have a great weekend! I am now following your blog.