Monday, January 30, 2012

Boy Meets Girl - She Said

I decided after Thanksgiving that I needed to try to get involved in the singles ministry at my church again.  So for a couple of weeks I went to the singles Sunday School class.  Each time I was there I noticed this tall, cute, blond boy.  I think I even mentioned him to my mom.  :-)   A couple of weeks before Christmas I decided to give the singles Tuesday night Bible Study a try.  Actually, my mom had to convince me to go....and I'm glad she did!

I walked in the door and tried to feel as not-awkward as humanly possible.  Thankfully the singles pastor was close by and included me in a conversation he was having with another guy there (who turned out to be Michael's roommate).  We were standing there talking, and I only vaguely remember noticing a guy sitting pretty close to us with his back to us.  I remember he was wearing sweats and a ball cap.  Pastor Chris asked him a question, and my heart skipped a beat when he turned around and it was the tall, cute, blond boy from Sunday school.  Jackpot!!  He introduced himself to me as Mike.  But I honestly don't remember what we talked about initially.  It was time to start the Bible Study and I asked where everyone sits (the room was arranged kind of strangely).  He said he'd get me a chair, walked across the room for one of the comfy ones, and then brought it back and sat it right next to his.  Smooth.  

We didn't talk much during the study, and I had to leave right away so I could get home and get to bed.  (I know that makes me sound like an old woman, but I get up at 5am every morning!)  I don't really remember saying good bye.  But I definitely called my mom on the way home and thanked her for making me go because I got to meet the tall, cute, blond boy from Sunday School!

Secretly, I had already done a little reconnaissance (aka Facebook stalking) and checked out his FB profile online because we had mutual friends.  So I was hoping that he would friend request me.  The next morning I got up and didn't have any requests.  (I don't believe that he went directly home to friend request me, but he swears he did.)  I got to school and told my teammate about my evening and how I was hoping for a friend request.  School started with no news but at lunch time I pulled my cell phone out and checked FB.  Guess what I had!  A friend request from the tall, cute, blond boy!  YES!!!  I went straight to my teammate's classroom with cell phone in hand and we did a little happy dance.   She made me promise not to accept his friend request until after 5pm that night.  She didn't want me to appear too excited.  Quality advice.

So that night, at promptly 5:02pm, I accepted his FB friend request.  From there it was pretty much like Michael said.  We messaged over FB for a few days, he kind of asked for my wasn't an all-out "Can I have your digits?" kind of conversation but he did manage to get my phone number.  And he definitely messed with my head and pretended that I had the wrong number when I texted him the first time.  MEAN!  And his rendition of how our first date came to be is pretty accurate according to my memory.

Where we are now:  At this point in our relationship, he's met my family and a lot of my friends.  I'm meeting his family on Saturday (eek!).  We're spending a lot of time together just getting to know one another.

One of my favorite nights with Michael was New Year's Eve.  We hung around the plaza for a little bit and then met up for dinner with four of my favorite people.  All we did the whole night was laugh!! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

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