Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boy Meets Girl - He Said

His version (only slightly paraphrased by the stenographer....that's me):
I went to the Rock and Worship Road Show on November 20 with our singles group from church.  Having only been in the singles group for a short while, I didn't know everybody in the group.  About an hour and a half into the concert, at the very end of our long row....I noticed her.  She was leaning forward and with our group pastor next to me, I didn't know if she was with our group or if she just happened to sit next us.  But I noticed her.  I noticed she was very very attractive.  (His words....not mine.)  When the concert ended, I remember her leaving very quickly and didn't wait for our group.  So I knew she wasn't with us.  After that, I figured she was just a pretty girl I happened to see once and then she was gone.  Fast forward a couple of weeks to December 13.....Tuesday Night Bible Study.  Funny enough, we're going over the 10 Commandments of Dating.  And in walked "the girl."  

Me:  Did you notice me right when I walked in?  

Michael:  Yup.  Sure did.  I noticed you, and I wanted to make contact with you but I didn't know how to do it and still be inconspicuous.  I just thought, "I've gotta do something."  

Me:  You didn't get up right away.  

Michael:  No, but I was close enough that I could eavesdrop.  Pastor Chris said something to you about us all being different ages and looked at me and asked how old I was because it was my birthday the day before.  I figured that was a perfect way to talk to you.  I looked right at you and asked "Why?  How old are you?"  You said you were 29.  That was right when we were starting Bible Study, and I said, "Let me get you a chair."  I walked behind you, grabbed a chair and put it right next to mine.  And that was pretty much it for us communicating because you left pretty quick.  Pastor Chris promised to be done by 8:30 so you could be in bed by 9:00.

(Pause while thinking)

Michael: I remember what you were wearing.  You were wearing a skirt, black tights, and flats.

Me:  They weren't flats.  

Michael:  (thinking)  Oh, no, they weren't!  They were heels!  I just remembered what you look like.  When the evening was over you said to me, "It was very nice to meet you."  Remember that?  And then you left.  Having a name, I went home and directly found you on facebook.  The next day you accepted me.  And then started the FB messaging.  I didn't have your phone number.  My intent was to get your interest level towards me.  If I felt you were interested enough, I was going to ask for your number.  This was like 3 or 4 days after we started messaging.  Remember our first text message? (ornery grin)

Me:  Yes.  You pretended like I had the wrong number.  And you thought it was REALLY funny.  So got my number....

Michael:  If you remember, once you gave me your number, we started small talk texting.  Well, I told you I was planning on doing some Christmas shopping on Monday night (a week before Christmas).  I told you I'd be going to Bed Bath and Beyond.  You happened to tell me that you used to work for Bed Bath and you said you were a Bed Bath expert.  I asked you if you'd like to join me in Christmas shopping that night.  And in talking about the night's logistics, I mentioned if you'd want to eat dinner beforehand.  And then I really got bold with you and said do you want to scrap Christmas shopping and just go out to dinner?  You said yes!  So we met at V's Italian Restaurant.  Our first date.  A "smashing success."  


  1. That was so cute!! How exciting for you!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  2. awww that is way too cute! So happy for you!!! :)