Monday, January 10, 2011

Family and Football

We had lots of fun over the Christmas break, and I thought I'd share some pics! My cousin Larry and his family flew in from D.C. to spend Christmas with us. I haven't seen them in YEARS!! It was so great to have them back in Kansas City!!

My cousin Larry and my sister Meredith

This is Larry, Regina and the kiddos. We we teaching the youngsters how to steal presents from their family members. I think we may need to find a word other than "steal." :-)

My Uncle Johnny and his wife Carol

My mom was trying out the timer on her new camera. My cousin Debby and I were happy to pose for a few pics while everyone else was oblivious.

And this is my favorite picture of the whole night! The top one is everybody all nice and pretty for the picture. Then the timer went off while one of the kiddos was upset. You can see who the true professionals are here! We're not distracted by a little crying! :-)

Okay, so besides family, the winter has pretty much been all about football! And the last few games have been COLD!!!!

We've been bundling up tight! (So tight that I look like a boy!)
And people wonder why I'm not married! ;-)

Here's me and my dad the day after Christmas getting ready for the game!

That's all I've got of the football pics. When you're THAT bundled up, it's hard to take a lot of pictures! And after that, who really wants to see anymore?


  1. Cute pictures! Hope you are staying warm and have adjusted to being back at work. Praying for you!

  2. Sounds like you had a great gathering with family! Is this a new layout? It looks great!!!