Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Show Us Your Singles!

Hello Kelly’s Korner readers! I’m Courtney and, with permission, taking over Lauren’s blog to introduce her to YOU and your single GUYS!

This is Lauren……….

Look at that smile! I cannot help but smile when I think of her smiling! She radiates joy and warmth!
Lauren and I have known each other since we were tots growing up in church together. One of my favorite memories of us is singing a duet together for a Christmas pageant when we were upper elementary age. I remember we put our heads together at the end of the song. She was in her element even back then…singing for Jesus! She loves music and experiences God through music. I love that she always has a song in her heart and will sing it out wherever she is!

Lauren is 28 and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She truly is a beautiful, strong, capable and intelligent woman. All who know Lauren know she is passionate and determined. Whatever she sets her hand to do, she’ll do with forethought, focus, and follow through.

Lauren is a 2nd grade teacher, having felt led to leave her love of teaching elementary music to gain additional teaching experience as she finishes up her Education Specialist degree this year. Her co-workers praise her influence on students and describe her as an advocate who knows just the right questions to ask and will speak up when she thinks an injustice is being done or something is not purposeful. It’s easy to see that she loves her students. Her eyes are filled with pride (and tears!) as she champions their achievements!

She's always been one to take steps to have a life of meaning and purpose in Jesus. In the last year I've watched as she has responded to Him more fully and in great faith that His plans are to be her plans. God has led her to get out of debt, change teaching focus, and daily meet with Him.

Lauren would love to meet a tall, active, intelligent man who is confident, compassionate, educated, and courageous. She wants a man who is willing to be open and transparent, love the Lord first, enjoys newness in life, and is ready to be loved.

She'll be his partner shouting in the stands at the game and the princess on his arm all dressed up ready for the opera. She'll always be up for an ice cream date and a great discussion over wine.

If your guy will appreciate Lauren’s well rounded feminine fabulousness,
leave a comment with a way for her to contact you!


  1. You're beautiful - and such a catch! If you ever head to SC, we have a TALL, handsome, adorable guy friend who'd be perfect for you. He loves the Lord, college football, sweet tea & the great outdoors. Road trip?

  2. Lauren sounds wonderful... beautiful inside and out! I posted on my blog about my 33 year old single brother. He lives in Wichita, but has very close ties to KC (his employer is headquartered there for one thing!). He may not be "tall" (about 5'10 ish), but he has a huge heart that makes up for any lacking height :) He LOVES college football and has took a brief sabbatical from his restaurant career to explore the possibility of teaching... he loves kids that much! He found that he was made for a career in restaurants, but volunteers in schools on his days off! Anyway, enough... you can have her check him out and if there is any interest, leave a comment or email to danielleholtzman@cox.net. He is number 201 on Kelly's list :)

  3. Lauren, I think you are beautiful and would love to introduce you to my brother-in-law (in KC), but when I read the girl above's post, and read her post about her brother, I think you should really meet "uncle brycie." He sounds like a great match for you. Anyone else agree?? Good luck! and if it doesn't work out with him, you can email me at andee00@hotmail.com about my brother in law. :)

  4. Are both of these guys posted somewhere?? I'd love to take a look!! I don't remember seeing an Uncle Brycie, but there are so many posts!

  5. I'm the one that posted about "Uncle Brycie" - he is my brother :) I posted about him on my blog at www.theholtzmans.blogspot.com. He is linked up as #201 on Kelly's Korner list! He does seem like he might be a good match. Let me know (danielleholtzman@cox.net) if you have any interest :)

  6. Ha! One day back at work from snow days and already my brain doesn't function! I will definitely take a look! (I thought she was talking about someone who posted above her on Kelly's site.)

  7. Hi Lauren - I have a wonderful, single friend in Kansas City. He has a true heart for the Lord and my husband and I met him through our church. He is currently in his second year at KU Med and is 27 years old. If you are interested in knowing more about him please email me at sammiedawn1978@yahoo.com. Blessings to you as you search for the partner God has planned for you. :)