Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing Beats Monday Night Football

I very well might be the happiest girl on the planet right now's football season and my Chiefs are back!!!  If you don't already know, I'm kind of in love with the Chiefs, and I'm going to love them no matter how terrible the season!!  (Side note -- my future husband, Tyler Palko, got cut from the roster a few weeks ago.  Gave me a heart attack!  He's now on our practice squad which means I don't get to see him play anymore.  Boo.)

Our home opener/season opener was a couple of Mondays ago (I know I'm working on unfashionably late here, but I've been busy!) against the Chargers.  For you football fans, you understand how big that is!


I could barely concentrate all day long I was so excited!  Here was the bummer, though.  The game didn't start until 9:15pm.  That's right.  The game didn't start until 15 minutes after my bedtime.  Needless to say for someone who NEEDS her sleep like I do, I took the next day off.  Good thing, too.  I didn't end up in bed that night until almost 3am.

My dad was going out of town early in the morning the next day so he gave up his ticket.  Some fan he is.  We missed him, but it gave us the opportunity (us being me, my mom and my sister) to hang out with my Aunt Patty (who really is my mom's bff from college but we call her aunt anyway) who lives in St. Louis.  She drove in Sunday afternoon and spent the day Monday entertaining my mom.

After a little confusion about when we could actually get into the parking lot to tailgate (and after sending my dad to pick up some YUMMY Kansas City BBQ for the tailgate he wasn't going to attend), we headed out the door!

Here's the view we had as we pulled out of the house.  A little drama, wouldn't you say?

Here's the view I had when I turned around.  Also a little strange...

And look at my Aunt Patty!  She's a Rams fan and we've got her all decked out in Chiefs red.  She had no idea what in store for her for the rest of the night.  A little Chiefs red was just the beginning...

We got to Arrowhead pretty quickly (my parents live right close to the stadium) and joined the other billion people tailgating and preparing for the best game ever!  We decided to go low-key this tailgate and do Gates BBQ (YUM YUM YUM), broccoli salad and brownies.  I requested the brownies.  Again - YUM.

After a little food and drink we headed into the stadium at around 8ish.  
Gettin' CRAZY!

We made the trek to Arrowhead (we park in the po' folk lot).  And we were greeted with a bajillion CRAZY Chiefs fans!  Oh, I was in heaven!!  Aunt Patty, not so much...


Here's the aerial view of the stadium.  AWESOME!

And, yes, dear friends....Billy Ray Cyrus sang our national anthem.  Mullet and all.  Someone needs to tell the man that it's 9:15 at night and sunglasses really aren't a requirement when there's no sun.

LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!  Unfortunately not only did the game begin, but starting about the second quarter, so did the rain.  Not too bad at first....

And then it got heavy enough that I ran upstairs to the team store and bought the last four crummy plastic emergency ponchos.

I think Aunt Patty was starting to wish she had stayed in St. Louis at this point.

It rained and rained and rained.  But did we care?  NO!!!  Why you ask?  Because.....
WE WERE WINNING!!!  (This is not something we're used to with Chiefs football.)  Although, I think you can tell who was excited and who didn't really give a rip.

If you look closely you might be able to see the hole that Aunt Patty made in her poncho so that her drink was more easily accessible.  :-)  And I have no idea what was up with the thumbs up with me that night.  I need something else to do with my hands during pictures!  And by this time it had gotten chilly which explains the half on/half off hoodie that I have underneath my poncho.  The things we sacrifice for football.  

And after almost losing it in the last 2 minutes of the game, the unbelievable happened.

Seriously.  One of THE most fun football games ever.  Even in the rain.

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