Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trivia and Birthdays

I completely intended on completing this post sometime last weekend. Oops. I'm only 6 days late. Prepare yourself for lots of pictures!!

So, last weekend was another busy one! Friday night we had Trivia Night for the Raytown Kiwanis Club, of which my mother is a member. And because the staff at my school are just too cool, we have a Team Robinson table!!

Me and Danielle!

I didn't have much luck with the raffle....

Meredith likes to torment her big sister.

More of Team Robinson and our superintendent! He loves us. :-)

After a super fun (but exhausting!) Friday night, we celebrated my mamma's birthday on Saturday! We had a yummy yummy dinner at McCormick and Schmitt's.

My mom and I had to laugh because we hadn't seen each other all day and we STILL dressed alike!! By the way, this first shot was my mom screaming at Meredith "NO CLOSEUPS!" She's going to love me for posting this one. At least I look stupid, too.

For dessert we order M&S's famous chocolate bag. Holy moly!! It was heavenly!! Anyone watching us eat this thing would have to conclude that we had not eaten in at least a week. Here's the progression of our chocolate bag's existence:

And finally, a fun family pic. All I can say is that I am desperate for a tan!!!

While my mom thought this was our goodbye for the evening and we were all heading our separate ways, we actually hauled tail to get to her tennis club where her tennis buddies were finishing up an evening of tennis. We decorated one of the raquetball courts to have refreshments and surprise my mom with the rest of her birthday evening! SURPRISE!!

I had secretly spent the day Saturday making my mom's birthday cupcakes. I rushed them to Hilltop before dinner and forgot to take a picture of them before I left. As I drove to the plaza to meet everyone for dinner I thought, it's okay! I'll just take one when we surprise my mom! Little did I know that people would start eating them before the birthday girl arrived! GRRRR!! Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled. Here's my toppling tower of birthday cupcakes. :-(

But I will have you know that I painted those pink stripes on the candles myself! That was a whole other story! I dropped the pink food color powder all down my front and on the kitchen floor. Then, of course, Ginger decided to come running through the pink powder. So I ended up chasing my cat through the house (who thought that was a fun game!) to try to keep pink paw prints off my brand new carpet. I digress.

My dad got an ice cream cake for my mom (and wasn't ashamed to enjoy some of the ice cream goodness himself!).

After that fun-filled weekend, needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED!!! While I am grateful for all of the exciting things that have happened in the last month, I am SOO ready for life to calm down!! Thankfully, this weekend will be much less eventful!!

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