Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Moments

As the school year comes to a close, I am feeling SOO many mixed emotions.  As any sane teacher, I am beyond ready to have my summer.  (And I'm not teaching summer school which makes the summer that much more exciting!!!)  But I'm also experiencing all of my "lasts" as a music teacher -- which has been sad.  This past weekend, I experienced my last Robinson Day/Night at the K as the choir teacher.  I so wish I could share all of the photos from the day here, but liability issues keep me from showing kids online.  So, here are a couple of pics from the cold and rainy Sunday.  (PS...I scheduled us to sing on May 16 because it's supposed to be hot and humid by the end of May!!  Not cold and rainy!!!!)

I'm not a fan of this picture.....I look a little smug, when really I'm ecstatic by my kids' performance!  But I don't have many kid-free pics to choose from.

There's this really cool picture of my choir singing on the jumbo screen that's far enough away that I don't think you can make out any kids' faces....but I didn't want to take the chance. 

So, after a GREAT performance by my wonderful choir, I got a little (or maybe a lot) emotional.  One of my kids said, "Miss Schulze, you were all crying and then went back to go-go-go without even taking a breath!"  Yeah...I know.  :-)

We met all the parents up in our nose bleed seats to deposit their children and we were off to get some FOOD!!!  While we were in line at the concessions (we meaning my mom, dad, friend/co-worker Danielle and principal) I ran into an old friend of mine who works at the Royals.  Sometimes it's good to know people in high places.  We went from our nosebleed seats to the amazing Diamond Club!! 

THIS is how to watch a baseball game when it's cold and rainy outside!!!

We were RIGHT behind home plate!

Sunday was my last big performance as Robinson's music teacher.  I'm struggling with the sadness of leaving that part of my life behind.  But I am REALLY excited about being a second grade teacher!!  I'm thankful that when God asks me to leave something I love behind, He always gives me another something to look forward to.  

I praise You, Father, for the blessings I have received and the lessons I have learned the last five years as the music teacher.  And I praise You for the challenges and lessons and blessings You have prepared for me next year.  I praise You, Father!

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