Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We got home from Denver last night.  We drove out there Sunday and came back Tuesday.  All for a day's worth of doctor's appointments.  And a diagnosis.  And a plan of action.  When you think of the two full days we spent driving, it doesn't sound like the one day in Denver would be worth it.  But it was!  We are full steam ahead on the IVF train!  We are so excited and nervous and every other emotion.  But mostly we're excited.  All we want is to be a mom and a dad, and we're hopeful this is the way the Lord is going to provide that for us.

If you would be willing to support us in this journey, please check out our YouCaring page at THIS LINK.  More than anything, we covet your prayers!

Heading out to our one-day work up appointments

Our new doctor's office

It's really pretty inside.

 Enjoying lunch on a BEEE-YOU-TIFUL day in Denver!

After a long day of meeting with nurses and our doctor and tests and blood work, we decided to enjoy a nice dinner out.  YUMMO!

And then we ended the night with a scoop of ice cream.  Pretty sure we deserved that!

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