Monday, June 24, 2013

(Belated) Birthdays!

Things have been so crazy around here!!  I've had zero time to blog!  I'm 2 months behind in this post!  Oops.  :-)  We started by celebrating my dad's birthday in April.  He's super low key, so we just went out to lunch at Dixon's Chili in Independence.

My dad is quite the fisherman, so my mom got him a workbench for him to use when he's doing his fisherman stuff.  (I have no idea what that consists of.)

My dad pretty much has whatever he wants/needs.  So Michael and I gave him a "gift certificate" for a free truck cleaning.  He's going to be leaving for Canada for a fishing trip in the near future, so he'll be cashing that in soon!

My sister made him his favorite peanut butter cookies.  But she gave them to him earlier (and he may have already eaten them all) she gave him some crackers.  :-)

My and the hubby.  I love that man!

Then on May 1, my mom celebrated her 60th birthday!  YAY, MOM!  We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on her birthday.  (And, Oh. My. Word.  If you have not been to Ruth's Chris, you really need to go.  Absolutely beyond words the deliciousness of their food!)

My mother is a huge tennis fan.  She plays tennis a lot.  And she really loves to travel.  For their 30th wedding anniversary, my dad surprised her with a trip to the Australian Open.  See what he gets her for her 60th birthday....

So, if you couldn't understand that, she's going to the US Tennis Open in New York!  And she's also very excited.  :-)

My mom and her bestie who's going to NY with her! 
The birthday girl and her awesome hubby!

Presents from her daughters -- slightly less exciting.

Creme Brûlée for Mom
Banan Cream Pie.  YUM!!!!
Me and my sis!

Unbeknownst to my mom, this wasn't her real party.  Her real party was a few days later!  My decorating inspiration came from where else....but Pinterest!

Picture (and inspiration) from
Lots of tissue poms, babies breath in mason jars (with chevron ribbon), and yummy treats!  (My pictures turned out so dark!  BOO!)

We used lots of pictures from my mom's past.

Me and the birthday girl!


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