Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013

After a fairly mild winter, Kansas City got blasted yesterday.  The local weather guy said there were times when we had 4 inches of snow falling per hour!!  Needless to say, Michael and I have both been home from work the last two days.  We are completely blocked in our driveway thanks to the foot of snow that's surrounding our car/garage.  The snow has stopped for now (another storm is apparently on it's way for Monday!), so it's probably time to do a little digging out.  By the way, I couldn't help but share this.

I don't even care that we have to make these days up in the spring.  
I LOVE me a good snow day (or two!).  

So, here's a time lapse-ish picture of yesterday.  It starts at about 8am and ends a little after noon.  Keep an eye on the level of snow on the table compared to the top of the chair.

This is what happens after two days worth of being locked inside, no makeup, no flat iron....time to go shovel the driveway.

Darn snow blower won't start!  We had to dig Michael's car out of the driveway just to go get some gas for the snowblower.

Got some gas for the snowblower and started working on snow drifts to my knees...and decided I was a little underdressed...

Maybe the cute knit stocking cap makes this outfit look a little less ridiculous.  
Maybe not.

My hubby workin' that snow blower!

Thankful to have a driveway we can get out of.  And hoping reports of another foot of snow on Monday aren't accurate!!!

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