Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things I've Learned About Having A Wedding

This "engagement" process has definitely been a learning experience.  Here are some of the things I've learned (and am currently still learning), in no particular order:

  1. Getting mail can be so much fun!!!  I get so excited on my way home from work every day to check the mailbox.  It's amazing how letters (i.e. RSVP cards) and fun boxes with presents inside magically appear every day while I'm at work!  I've always loved getting snail mail....and now I really love going to the mailbox!
  2. At some point someone is going to criticize a choice you made.  And even though you have thought about every. single. detail. of this wedding.....someone's going to come across as critical, even if they're trying to be helpful.  This is when you get to choose:  Do I become a Bridezilla?  Or do  I bite my tongue, and pretend I have poor hearing?  Word to the wise.....go with option B.   No one likes a Bridezilla.
  3. Somewhere in the world someone is actually birthing my wedding dress....or something like that.  Did you know it is supposed to take nine months (!!!!) to order a wedding dress?!  Are you kidding me?!  So rush ordering a wedding dress and then waiting on pins and needles for it to show up.....not so much fun for the bride.  
  4. Want your wedding to be about YOU and YOUR GROOM????  Good luck.  You gotta fight.  And I mean FIGHT to keep your wedding about the two of you.  People, vendors, venues....it somehow ends up being about them and not about the couple.  Next time I'm involved in a wedding (which will probably be my sister's), someone remind me that I've already had my wedding and this is her day.  
  5. It's definitely a good idea to put the groom in charge of (a select few) tasks.  For example, my man is an awesome planner.  So he was in charge of researching and booking our honeymoon, getting transportation for us on the day of the wedding, and getting the mens tuxes.  He was not, however, in charge of anything that even remotely involves decorating.  While it's good to delegate tasks to the man, be smart and know his limitations. 
  6. Weddings are friggin' EXPENSIVE!  Did you know that if you wanted a really yummy cake (and Michael and I did), you could end up paying $4 A SLICE?!  Ahemm? Along those same lines, it might be worth the extra expense to put a bodyguard next to the cake table to ensure one slice per guest.  (Just kidding!  Kind of.)
  7. I have an amazing man (with a pretty awesome family to boot).  Yeah, you're right.  I already knew that, and that's why I'm marrying him.  But this engagement has just continued to prove to me how absolutely right this man is for me.  Michael's grandma and I were talking on Sunday (actually she was bragging on him, and rightfully so!), and I said, "He's a good boy."  She corrected me (again, rightfully so!) and said, "He's a great man."  Yup, Grandma.  You're absolutely right.  He's a great man.  What I wouldn't give to give his mama a hug and thank her for raising such a great man.

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