Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chameleon Christian

I am blessed to have a church where I learn something new about God and His Word every week.  While some people only learn these things in independent Bible study, I learn them every week simply by going to church.  I've not always been blessed in this way!

Our pastor is preaching on Daniel and his courageous, unchanging faith.  Today he compared Daniel's unwavering stance for what is right with a "Chameleon Christian."  Chameleon Christians change their colors depending on the situation.  Kind of like this...

Pastor Phil said today that "Your character is revealed when you are tempted to do wrong, but you choose to do right."  I have to admit.....The Lord convicted me today because I have been acting like a Chameleon Christian the last couple of weeks.  I have followed the path of temptation.

The last two weeks have been hard for me.

I've faced my own Daniel's Den.

I've had no joy.

I've struggled and suffered under some frustrating burdens.

Because of those struggles, my colors changed from those of Christ to those of a complainer and a gossiper.  Those words are hard to type.  But the honest truth is that those words describe who I am when I am NOT IN CHRIST!
So today I choose to change my response to the struggles of the past two weeks.  I choose to stay in Christ because He is in me.  I choose to be a modern day Daniel -- never compromising my godly character....even when the going gets tough.

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