Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Know That I Know

The month of May is special to me for many reasons.  It's my mom's birthday month.  It's (usually) the last month of school.  It's the month of warmer weather!

And it's the month of my salvation.

This month I am celebrating the ninth year that I can say with certainty that I know that I know that I know.....

that I belong to Jesus.  


The Lord took me halfway across the country to the University of South Carolina as an 18 year-old with a very specific plan in mind -- one that I had NO idea about.  He used the wonderful people at Shandon Baptist Church to introduce me to Jesus.  Strangely enough, the Lord's plan came to its culminating moment in my big 'ole green Explorer, driving down the highway from Gold's Gym, listening to the amazing Charles Swindoll.  He was preaching a sermon on how to know for sure that you have been saved.  One of the things I remember him talking about is remembering the moment of salvation.

What scared me about this was -- I couldn't remember that moment. I remember getting baptized.  It's what you did in my church when you entered the 5th grade.  You got baptized.  And, at the time, you couldn't take communion at my church until you were baptized.  The only thing I remember about that time in my life is that I was excited to be a "big kid" who got to take communion now!

I called my mom and asked her if she could remember my thought process about my baptism (since my baptism was the closest thing to salvation that I could recall).  She didn't remember anything spectacular.

It was at that moment that I knew that I needed to be sure.

I mulled it over for a few days longer (after all, I was a little embarrassed that I wasn't already saved....I mean, I grew up in the church, for heaven's sake!).  And then one afternoon, as I pulled into my apartment complex, I parked my car and prayed the sinner's prayer.  Simple as that.  And, praise Jesus, He saved me right then and there!

While I do not believe the Bible teaches that being baptized means you're saved, I do believe that Jesus commands His flock to be baptized as a public profession of belief and faith in Him.  (It was also at this time that I had decided to move back to Mizzou for schooling reasons.  My mom and my Aunt Sherlee and Uncle Ronnie were in town to move me home.)

And so my last day in South Carolina, I did just that.   I said publicly, in front of all of my peers and my family that I know that I know that I know --- that I am His.  The college minister at the time baptized me.  He was, after all, one of the vessels the Lord used to reach me.  And my closest friends from my two year stay in South Carolina were there to witness me tell the world that


Steve Turner (college minister) and me after my baptism

South Carolina friends

Celebrating afterwards!
Jesus, I praise you for a plan that is MUCH greater than mine!  After all, I thought I was going to South Caroline to become a marine biologist.  Little did I know that I was going to South Carolina to become a daughter of the King.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You'll Come

I've blogged multiple times on David Crowder's "How He Loves." There are just some songs that the Lord has used in my life to speak me on multiple levels at different stages in my journey.

Right now I am just overtaken with Hillsong United's "You'll Come." It's one I have had in my itunes for weeks and weeks and it speaks to me in soo many ways. Tonight in my time with the Lord I just prayed this song to Him.

I have decided, I have resolved to wait upon You, Lord.
My Rock and Redeemer, Shield and Reward,
I'll wait upon You, Lord

There are so many things I am waiting on right now.

A husband.
Children of my own.
People who I love more than life to come to saving knowledge of Christ.
The summer!
Relief from stress.
I have decided. I am resolved. I am waiting on my Rock and my Redeemer.
My Shield and my Reward.

I wait in anxious anticipation for the Lord to move in a MIGHTY way!

As surely as the sun will rise, You'll come to us.

Certain as the dawn appears.

You'll come. Let your glory fall as you respond to us.
Spirit, reign. Flood into our thirsty hearts again.
You'll come. You'll come.

Oh, how I pray that He will come! Flood into my thirsty, thirsty heart! Oh, that I would be as certain as the sun will rise....that I would trust Him that much. Jesus, flood into my heart. Flood into our hearts.

We are not shaken, we are not moved.
We wait upon You, Lord.
Mighty Deliverer, Triumph and Truth.
We wait upon You, Lord.

Nothing can shake this confidence. Nothing will move me from the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

As surely as the sun will rise,
You'll come to us.
As certain as Your Word endures.
Yo'll come. Let your glory fall as you respond to us.
Spirit, reign. Flood into our thirsty hearts again.
You'll come. You'll come.

Spirit, reign in my heart. Above all else.

Chains be broken.
Lives be healed.
Eyes be opened.
Christ is revealed.

Jesus, break the chains of bondage! Heal the broken hearted, Jesus. Heal broken lives. Father, open the eyes of Your people that they may see You for who You are! Jesus -- REVEAL yourself to this nation! To this world! Father, I ask that you would break chains, heal lives, and open eyes to You this summer. Lord, I pray that you would do those things in my own family.

Chains be broken.
Lives be healed.
Eyes be opened.
CHRIST is revealed.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where Do I Even Start??

Whew!  Things have been crazy lately with birthdays and bridal showers and baby showers and retirement banquets.  And then there's work and grad school!  I'm sure it goes without saying that I am SOOO ready for the summer (especially now that the weather has decided to warm up)!!!

This post is just a bunch of random pics of the last few weeks!  Where do I even start????

Earlier this semester my friends Karen and Danielle (who I teach with and are in my cohort for grad school) went to Tan-Tar-A Resort in central Missouri to celebrate our wonderful principal!  She won the Distinguished Principal Award for Kansas City and was competing to go to the national level!!

We love her!!

My dad's birthday was in April.  We met my sister in Overland Park for lunch at J. Alexanders.  We ordered artichokes as an appetizer.  I had NO idea how to eat artichokes so it was a fun learning experience.  And they were DELISH!

My dad is ridiculously difficult to buy for.  My mom was so excited because he actually liked what she got him this year!  (It's some kind of special suit he can wear to fish in when it's cold....I don't really know why anyone would want that, but whatever.)

Before heading over to J. Alexander's we went to a metal recycling place to drop off my parents' old grill.  Can I just say, we are the biggest nerds ever because it was the COOLEST thing!  We had to drive onto this giant scale before we went in (the first pic) and then there were these HUGE piles of metal and these GIANT machines picking things up and moving them.  When we were leaving there was this giant metal claw that was holding a car hundreds of feet up in the air.  

As we were driving away we were mentally taking note of any and all scrap metal that we could round up to bring back to the junk yard!  By the way, the people there thought we were complete idiots, I'm sure.  Just imagine me hanging out the window with my phone trying to take pictures.

Easter weekend my mom and I had a fun girls day (a.k.a we ran a lot of errands).  We got our hair done (which takes hours) and then headed over to Fred P. Otts for lunch where my sister works.

As some point my mom and dad and I were back at P.Otts for lunch, but I don't exactly remember why...

We ran a few more errands and headed back to the Missouri side of the state line.  We were driving to pick up the Easter ham when we ran across this little shack that said it was selling fruits and veggies and other things made by the Amish.  We drove past but couldn't help ourselves!  We turned around and ended up walking away with some homemade jellies and noodles.  LOVE my peach jelly!

Easter Sunday we had family over to the house.  I usually make cupcakes (you may have seen them in some older posts) but I just didn't have time.  So instead I made a banana cream pudding pie.  It's the second time I've made it, and I have to say.....IT. IS. DELICIOUS.

The next weekend was basically me driving to baby and bridal showers.  One of my good friends Bri (who I'm now teaching second grade with) is getting ready to have her first baby.  Her bff Heidi threw the cutest and most creative baby shower ever!  If only I could be that creative.  Geez.  Here's a pic of my group of girlfriends and the other person on my second grade team.  I didn't manage to get pics of the bridal shower.  Boo.

Then this week.......

We're saying goodbye to my wonderful principal (tear!).   This week was her district retirement banquet. It was lots of fun and Robinson pretty much took over the banquet!  We get a little silly when we're all together, and this night was no different!

This Friday Courtney and I went to see "Rock of Ages" downtown.  I was SOO excited for this show.  I had heard great things about it and when we got to the theatre it was totally 80's....fog machine and all.  A lot of the audience dressed in their 80's best (or worst) which made for entertaining people watching.

Unfortunately, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.  The musical had SUCH potential to be cute and fun!  But they ruined it with disgusting, crass jokes and innuendos and language.  It was gross.

Sooo......we went to get frozen yogurt!  YUM!

Courtney wasn't terribly happy that I forced her to take a picture.   :-)

Needless to say, May....really, this entire semester....has been CRAZY!!!  And unfortunately, the next three weeks are going to be just as busy --- just not nearly as fun.  If you're a praying person I would covet your prayers for:

1.  Keeping first things first with 10 hours of classes these next three weeks.
2.  The Lord to provide the last few dollars for China.
3.  That the Lord would prepare my heart to serve Him.

God bless!