Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot, Hot, HOT!!!

I am a football fan. More specifically, I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. And not just a fair-weather fan. I am a serious FAN. I adore my Chiefs! So, when the Chiefs moved their training camp from River Falls, Wisconsin to St. Joseph, Missouri (about an hour north of KC), you can bet your bootie that I was going to be going to St. Joe. What I didn't plan was to go to training camp on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Seriously, the heat index today was at 115 degrees! Thankfully we went up for the morning practice at 8:50am (really, we got there around 9:20ish).

So my mom and I headed north to Missouri Western State University. Can you tell I was excited to get there?!

We were trying to be a little frugal and opted for the free parking over the $10 "premium" parking. We regretted that quickly. We ended up having to walk all the way across campus in the heat. It seriously felt like we had to walk a mile to get to the fields. Eventually, we made it!

We had arrived! Wrong. A little bit more walking....but you can see the action in the distance.

Here's what training camp looked like!

Watching practice...

The coaches....

More of practice....

I know this is supposed to be for kids, but don't I look like an intimidating football player?? HA!

Me and my mama!

THEN.....practice ended and the QBs and some specialists came over to sign autographs. Here's me and Matt Cassel - ish. He's in the background.

I know our first and second string QBs. Our third stringer is new.
And HOT.
He may be a little younger than I like, but I think he could be my future husband. Hot. Football player. Taller than me. YES PLEASE! I'm going to be working on this one...

And as if that wasn't exciting enough....DWAYNE BOWE came over! WOO HOO!!!

And look how he loves me!! We're besties.

I seriously jumped up and down after this moment! I know, I'm a dork.

All in all, I'd say it was a very productive morning. We got to check out the Chiefs. I found my future husband. And I made a new best friend. Now if only every morning could be this productive...


  1. Oh, girl, I can't stop laughing. The last paragraph I lost it. What a productive day!